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An ongoing series of informational entries as it pertains to the Teaching CSI

This is where I want to blog about tips and techniques or new in the industry.  If you have anything you may want to share, please email me and site your source - you will get full credit for the information.

(Disclaimer - As a full time working CSI this may not be updated often but I will do my best)

"Chasing Denise" - A 911 Case Study Goes to Kissimmee

February 1, 2017
How exciting to be presenting this case.  Hosted by the Kissimmee PD on three (3) separate days.  February 28, March 1 and March 2, 2017 for three (3) hours each day.  I will be presenting this case in a new format so fingers crossed it goes well.

"Chasing Denise" - A 911 Case Study - A Resounding Success

March 5, 2017
What a HUGE success this presentation was.  Over the three (3) day period we reached over 240 law enforcement professionals with positive feedback.  I did learn that this presentation is easily an 8-hour day and will be changed to reflect that.

Crime Scene Presentation at the North Port Neighborhood Watch Meeting

March 16, 2017
Free to the public - Come join the Neighborhood Watch of North Port for their monthly meeting.  They will be hosting the Teaching CSI for a crime scene presentation.  Meeting starts at 6:30pm on Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at the City Hall Chambers
Property & Evidence Association of Florida

"Chasing Denise" - A 911 Case Study to be Presented at the Annual Property & Evidence Association of Florida (PEAF) Conference

March 16, 2017
A shortened version of this popular presentation will be given at the annual training conference.  The Property & Evidence Association of Florida (PEAF) has invited the Teaching CSI to present at their annual conference after attending the presentation recently hosted by the Kissimmee PD.  This is only open to PEAF members attending the annual conference so if you want to see this, make sure you register.  The conference will be the last week of August 2017 at the Wyndham Resort in Orlando, Florida.  
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